About Us

The name of a faith that was established in 1985 and that has put its signature under the most comprehensive elevator and escalator projects of our country in 2.000 m2 indoor area as of today…
Seeing its production adventure that has been continuing for more than 35 years as a whole from material quality to project designing, from technological standards to employee quality within the framework of total quality understanding with its professional staff consisting of 35 people, Starlift Asansör successfully carries out a highly developed and internationally accredited process in all production processes.
Adopting unconditional customer satisfaction as a principle and implementing all stages from project support to the installation of turnkey system successfully, Starlift Asansör is also a pioneer in its sector with professional approach it shows in its after sales service. Carrying out its works in a wide range such as residences, factory buildings, shopping malls, multi-storey car parks, underpasses and overpasses, hospitals and university buildings, our company determined its basic principle as professional project designing and high quality production in all these working areas. Carrying out all production processes from raw material input to assembly with constant quality understanding of Starlift Asansör, our company questions even the smallest details of each elevator sensitively and uses all necessary equipment successfully in order to keep the production quality at the maximum level.
Prioritizing human and its responsibility towards human in all its works as a main factor, our company has also been the pioneer of the firsts with large scale projects that it has carried out.
Continuing its operations within the framework of TS EN ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System, Starlif Asansör will continue its works with an increasing momentum with quality and technology difference it has revealed in its sector and the sense of responsibility brought by it.
Becoming a respected brand with its professional approach and corporate culture it reveals, experience and knowledge based business logic, investment it has made in technology required by the era, financial and sectoral success it has made sustainable, Starlift Asansör will continue to develop with the strength and belief it takes from you.

Hope to achieve great successes together…